My Motivation

Find out about my family and friends, my true inspiration

I am always inspired by the great work of my friends and India's renowned photographers.

Receiving feedback from other photographers can help to both encourage you and open your eyes to ways you can improve or approach things differently.graphy is all about learning new things by self and by taking guidance from other fellow photographers.

I took  few photography classes while I was in the initial stage of my journey. The main things I learned from them was the value of listening to what other photographers have to say about your work.

If you don’t have the opportunity to take part in a class or club, thinking about publishing your work on the web and hearing what visitors have to say about your photos is again a great idea.

A great way to do this is to publish your work in an online photographic community, I have also joined few photography communities which helped me to find out the critical mistakes in my work and correcting myself. During the course of this discussion I made many good friends from around the word.

I always get inspiration from my parents and my family and my too.

Thanks to my friends and family for being with me and support me.



Aryan Sorout


My Son




Kritika & Ritika


My Daughters

IMG_0344 - Copy


SL Sorout


My Father


My Mother


Murti Devi


My Mother

IMG_0302 - Copy




My Wife

Bhargava Srivari


Bhargava Srivari


Photography Friend

Correct and suggest my mistakes



Ashok Choudhary


Friend from Gujrat

his suggestions improve my work



Sudhir Shivram


India's renowned wildlife photogrpher

Learning a lot from his great work.



Brijesh Singh


Friend who is  always helping

in my learnings



Praveen Siddannavar


India's renowned wildlife photographer

His work always inspires me

Above is my family and friends, who makes me strong by supporting me always. My learning habits inspired me to develop this website myself.

Support received from web designer Puneet was incredible during the design.  


Ashok Sorout

Owner and Creater of this site is a wildlife photographer. I started developing photography as a hobby somewhere in 2009 and it turned in to passion now. 

I am trying to create awareness toward photography and wildlife by creating this website.